Frequently Asked Questions ….

Question 1 The question of voting for a change and for a better Guelph has been raised. What does that really mean?

Answer 1 As I speak with people in Guelph I hear that there is a sense of entitlement coming from the members of council. Now, not all members exhibit this sense of entitlement, but consider that 7 councillors usually vote as a block  with mayor for their costly agendas which are not always for the benefit of citizens in all wards. It is time to get rid of these members of council and elect new councillors who do not have their pet “strategic visions”. A fresh approach of not burdening citizens of Guelph with an outrageous tax and spend mentality would make  for a better Guelph.

Question 2 A number of people have asked me why I am running for Councillor for Ward 6

Answer 2 When a person is dissatisfied with the way Guelph is being run by the current mayor and councillors, it is time to  step up and ask citizens to “Vote for Change and a Better Guelph”. The current council is to often dominated by a mayor and 7 like-minded councillors promoting a social engineering agenda to  the detriment of the majority of citizens.. The continued spending of taxpayers’ money on projects that are of little, if any, benefit to  the majority of Guelph citizens, and particularly those in ward 6 cannot be permitted to  continue. There is a lack of transparent cost-benefit analyses carried out for major expenditures. The recent expenditures of $53 million for waste collection and organic processing, the $33 million given to developers for downtown redevelopment, the multi-million dollar proposed Baker Street and environs redevelopment which has no property tax generating commercial occupants, the $6 million George square traffic circle/roundabout, the $34 million police HQ renovation project, as well as a $50+ million South End Community Centre all piled on top of the likely $40 million Urbacon city hall construction fiasco  settlement require some close examination of what is really essential and affordable for the taxpayers. In  the same vein, those who are the architects of this unsustainable level  of spending have to  be identified and held accountable through rejection at the polls in the civic election. An Auditor General function reporting directly to council in an open and transparent manner is required to provide value for money spent evaluation of projects. How often have various reserve funds been raided to cover expensive project unplanned expenditures?

Being a Professional Engineer with an MBA who has close to  30 years’ experience in Manufacturing Operations Management up to Plant Manager, Director of Operations, and General Manager level in mutli-million dollar Canadian and multi-national companies,  I bring a combination of personnel leadership to  exceed customer expectations while meeting timely technical and bottom line financial objectives. This results oriented business perspective continues with my 10 years Lean Management consulting through my own firm. I will bring a fresh critical business orientation to council.

I have submitted e-mails to  the incumbent ward 6 councillors and mayor seeking information and answers to  questions and received no replies. This arrogant lack of communication will not continue when I am elected as a ward 6 councillor. Openness and transparency, while the subject of a mutli-thousand  dollar feel good consulting contract by the current council, has proved to  be illusory. I will be plaesed to serve as one of your two new councillors for ward 6 and work with a new mayor and new council with fresh business perspective.

Time to “Vote for Change and a Better Guelph”.

– Better financial management

– Affordable infrastructure projects

– More open & transparent civic government communications

– Value for taxes with accountability

– 2 term limit for mayor and councillors

Monday 27 October 2014 – Vote for a Better Guelph


Question 3 Will the settlement of the Urbacon lawsuit  concerning the building of the new city hall impact my taxes?

Answer 3 As soon as the $6.635 million judgement against the city and the $2.23 million legal costs were announced, the spin doctors from the city hall were spreading bovine sourced fertilizer  thick  and fast. The spin is that those costs were covered by funds already in city reserves and won’t impact your taxes. Now we all know that the if tooth  fairy didn’t place the money in the reserve funds, the reserve funds were in fact created using our taxes.  The replenishment of these capital reserves will also come at the expense of the property taxes of the citizens of Guelph. Once again openness and transparency become victims of spin doctor pronouncements that are not believable. Be prepared for another cost ( the settlement with the insurer of the project) associated with the Urbacon fiasco to  be slipped into the total bill with appropriate spin doctor verbiage.


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